January 13, 2023

Magnetic Separator RCYB

RCYB series suspended permanent magnetic separators are designed by advanced computer simulation, it have the perfect double-pole structure so that effectively guaranteeing the maximum adsorption capacity of iron debris within the working distance, internal magnetic material is made by high-strength rare earth neodymium,NdFeB is high purity, high magnetic intensity,this equipment can easily pick up the iron debris.

Has maintenance-free, long life, easy to install, easy to use, reliable operation and other characteristics, suitable for belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, non-magnetic materials chute, adsorptive capacity from 0.1 to 35 kg of ferromagnetic material, internal permanent magnet system life is more 10 years, the whole optimization design, the inner core is perfused by resin, good sealing, oxidation protection, the consumption for magnetic force does not exceed 4% within 10 years. the technical indicators meet the JB/T8711-2006 standard.

We, PT Masusskita United, sell very high quality products with a 12 month warranty and have a manufacturing certificate. Our products have been widely used in many Indonesian power plants and coal mining companies, cement factories, etc. throughout Indonesia. There are several types of magnets that we sell, such as: permanent magnets, self cleaning magnets, electro magnetic, rcdb, rcyd, rcdd, rcyb.

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