September 9, 2021

Magnetic Separator RCDE- China


The RCDE series of oil-cooling electromagnetic iron separators adopt 90s’ advanced transformer technology in their inner parts, release hotness by oil circulation in the transformer which in a wholly sealed structure.
With the advantages of strong magnetic force,against rain and dust , anti corrosion,continuous working and long service life, the oil-cooling electromagnetic iron separators can protect the grinder, the crusher and so on reliably.
The main performance and indexes of the separator can meet or exceed JB/ T7689-95, and the products can separate the weight of 0.1-25kg ferromagnetic substance from non-magnetic materials In addition to the construction featured of the Air Cooled magnets, these
magnets are also provided with a pressure relief value, filling hole, drain plug and an oil level gurge. Furthermore, if increased magnet power is desired, a heat exchanger can be mounted on the magnet to accelerate the cooling of the oil.
A 10-15% increase in magnet power is possible with this feature

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